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EUF The Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) is a dedicated body under the umbrella of the Egyptian Tourist Federation committed to all diving and watersport activities which take place throughout Egypt's coastal waters.
All diving centres and safari boats will meet ISO standards EN 14467 / ISO 24803 for diving by the end of 2008 as agreed with Egypt's CDWS, the Austrian Institute of Norms and the European Underwater Federation. More

Chamber of Diving and Water Sports - Egypt

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Whether you are an experienced Scuba Diver or new to the sport, the Red Sea resorts have something very special to offer every lover of this sport. More
Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing

The Red Sea is not only a top destination for scuba diving. The constant and strong winds also offer great conditions for the thrilling sport of Kite Surfing. More

Wind Surfing

The sea here is a paradise for a number of watersports, and some destinations are particularly famous because of their perfect conditions for Wind Surfing. More

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CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park
So, 22 Mai 2011
Following the annulment of the decree that allowed fishing boats to fish in Ras Mohammed National Park, CDWS can confirm that at 8am this morning, all fishing boats had left the area.

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The Red Sea is biologically unique. Sin arrow and surrounded by desert, it suffers only rare storms and little rain. Thus the reefs are subjected to few natural disturbances. Over one thousand species of fish and a high diversity. More


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