Regulations in Ras Mohamed

  • Do not collect, remove or damage any material, living or dead, from the Park (corals, shells, fish, plants, fossils, etc.).
  • Driving of any vehicle or motorized transport (including motor-bikes and quads) off the marked tracks or onto any beach is prohibited.
  • Chasing or tracking animals (including birds) by means of any vehicle or motorized transport is prohibited, Please treat our wildlife with respect.
  • Camping is prohibited except at the designated areas (as indicated by notice).
  • Littering is prohibited, please place litter, garbage and waste in the litter bins and other containers provided, or take it away with you.
  • Closed areas are used for studying ecosystems (habitats), monitoring the environment and to protect examples of natural habitat in their pristine condition. They are also genetic reserves.Access to them is, therefore, prohibited.
  • Please ensure that the vehicle you are using is in reliable condition and can sustain driving on the designated tracks. It is recommended that you inform someone of your route and destination.
  • Avoid walking or standing on any reef or other marine substrate on coral areas since this breaks and damages corals, which are critical to our natural resources. Please use the designated access points for snorkelling, diving, and moorings.
  • Feeding fish and animals upsets the biological balance and is therefore prohibited.
  • Fishing in any form including spearfishing, is not allowed in any Protected Area (except if a special license is issued by the Park Authority).
  • Visitors are required to leave the National Park by sunset, unless staying in the designated camping area at the marine laboratory or attending officially organized events at the visitors' center.
  • It is prohibited to cause any form of pollution by discharging or throwing away any substance (including liquids and solids) that are harmful to the environment.
  • Please take care to avoid any pollution of the environment by discharge or escape of substances such as oil or sewerage.
  • Please take note of any instructions posted in the Park or provided at the gate.

Offenders are subject to prosecution according to the terms of Law 102 of 1983, and all other relevant laws.

Latest News

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park

CDWS salutes annulment of decree that allowed fishing in national park
Sun, 22 May 2011
Following the annulment of the decree that allowed fishing boats to fish in Ras Mohammed National Park, CDWS can confirm that at 8am this morning, all fishing boats had left the area.

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