Technical Manager

Technical Managers Course for Diving Centres and Safari Boats (TM 1.0)

Technical Manager

In the efforts of developing the human resources in the diving and water sports sector, the CDWS in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques and the Egyptian Tourism Federation (ETF) have decided to implement a training program that helps to raise the awareness, efficiency, and knowledge of the technical managers working in the diving centers and the safari boats. The course is available in both the Red Sea and South Sinai governorates.

Those training programs come as a result of monitoring several irregularities and multiple accidents as a result of the non-compliance with safety guidelines and international standards from some professional managers, mentors, and instructors working in the diving sector. 

Training outlines:

The training contains nine modules: 

  • General information and technical manager duties
  • ISO and local rules
  • Hospitality and professionalism
  • Environmental protection, conservation, and related laws
  • Necessary paperwork
  • Safety and emergency planning
  • Penalty list and common violations
  • ISO audit and certification procedures
  • Incident/accident management and reports

Application requirements: 

  • The applicant must have a certificate of diving instructor at least the second level issued by an accredited organization in the CDWS
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 25 years
  • Holds at least High School certification
  • English language proficiency in reading, writing and speaking
  • The applicant must hold a CDWS valid card

 General training rules and regulations:

  1. The training is free of charge, with a total duration of five full days.
  2. Passing this training successfully is a must for any technical managers to be able to be appointed to any diving center or safari boat, this applies as well on the new technical managers.
  3. In case the applicant did not pass the course for any reason, they are allowed to re-participate for a second time after paying new course fees (2000 EGP).
  4. If the applicant failed the second training for any reason, they shall not be able to re-join the technical manager training for one year starting from the date of the last session. 
  5. Any current technical manager; is entitled to participate in the course in order to improve and develop their performance.
  6. Whoever meets the above requirements have the right to apply for the training in order to get the needed qualifications to work successfully as a technical manager. 
  7. If any of the applicants who passed the training successfully committed any violations or penalties afterward, they must re-take the training again after a year of the date of the penalty and pay (2000 EGP) for new training.
  8.  Any technical manager or diving instructor with a recorded penalty by the CDWS, are able to apply to the training if they meet the previously mentioned training requirements.  

Training Instructions

  • The training starts at 8:30 am till 5:30 pm
  • Attending the full 5 days is a must, in case of absence the participation in the training shall be canceled
  • No mobile phones allowed during the training, please put it on silent mode and hand it to the lecturer
  • The lecturer has the right to cancel the trainee's participation in the course in case of not complying with the lecturer’s instructions
  • It is not allowed to leave the training for any reason
  • No Smoking allowed inside the training room
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the training room during the course except for water

How to register:

If you are interested in participating in the course please send the following documents to

  1.   Copy of the applicable CDWS ID card
  2.  Copy of the national identity card or passport
  3. Copy of the academic qualification
  4.  The attached registration form after completing the full details, please sign it and send it to
  5.   Please note that the places available are offered in order of the received registration requests, first received basis

View all the course material, documents and modules on the rules and regulations page!

For inquiries via WhatsApp: 01203888582 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm) except Fridays and Saturdays or via e-mail: