Training  Agencies

The CDWS accredits the following technical training agencies

The CDWS accredits the following training agencies:

The list of accredited organizations for diving activities in Egypt. Any organization that wishes to operate in Egypt must follow the process of the requirements for the training organization accreditation. Click on the requirements of training organization accreditation to know more.

Name Description WebSite
ACUC International American Canadian Underwater Certifications, Canada
ANDI American Nitrox Divers International, USA
BSAC British Sub Aqua Club
CMAS Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques
DRI Dive Rescue International
FIAS La Federazione Italiana Attività Subacquee
FLASSA Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Activités et Sports Subaquatiques, Luxemburg.
HAS INTERNATIONAL (Handicapped scuba Assoc), USA.
IAHD International Association of Handicapped Divers, Holland
IANTD International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers, Inc.
IDEA International Diving Educators Association
ISDA International Scuba Diving Academy, Italy
MDEA Multinational Diving Educators Association, USA
NACD National Association for Cave Diving, USA
NASE National Academy of Scuba Educators, USA
NAUI National Association of Underwater Instructors
NDF Norges Dykkeforbund, Norway
NDL National Dive League
NOB Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond, Holland
NSS-CD National Speleological Society Cave Diving Section, USA
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
PDIC Professional Diving Instructors Corporation
Pro Tec Professional Technical Diving International
PSAI Professional Scuba Association International
PSS Professional Scuba Schools
SDI Scuba Diving International
SNSI Scuba Nitrox Safety International, Italy
SSDF Svenska Sportdy Karförbundet, Sweden
SSI Scuba Schools International (Worldwide)
SSI TXR SSI Technical Extended Range
TDI Technical Diving International
VDST Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher E.V, Germany
WOSD World Organisation of Scuba Diving
IDDA International Discovery Diving Association
PTRD Professional, Technical and Recreational Diving
RAID Rebreather Association of International Divers

Water Sport
Name Description WebSite
IKO International Kiteboarding Organization
VDWS VDWS – competent for windsurfing, kitesurfing, dinghy-, catamaransailing and SUP.
RYA The Royal Yachting Association
ESWF Egyptian Sailing and Water Ski Federation
All - Russian Federation of sailing All - Russian Federation of sailing
Boats - Sailing Boats - Kite