Request Equivalent Certificate

Request Equivalent Certificate

Procedures for applying to issue an equivalent certificate for foreign professionals to be submitted within the required documents for the work permit

1- The technical manager will log in to their account on the CDWS portal through the following link 

2- Then choose the facility from the left panel.

3- Under the facility, choose Pros and a list of the registered professionals will appear. 

4- To issue an equivalent certificate request choose the three dots on the right corner of the pro's thumbnail. 
5- When chosen two options will be displayed either "Remove Pro" or "Request an equivalent certificate". 


6- Click on "Request an Equivalent Certificate". 
7- A page will appear to process the payment, kindly refer back to the attached page to know the steps for online payment
8- The membership team will review the data and print the certificate and the technical manager will be notified via email. 

8- Both the certificate and the work permit will be uploaded to the profile by the technical manager who will choose the submit option.