Scuba Diving
In Dahab

Scuba Diving in Dahab

Dahab, the famous “hippy” town of the Red Sea Riviera, is a great diving holiday destination for the experienced diver and for those seeking to obtain their scuba diving certification. World-famous dive sites such as the Blue Hole and the Canyon attract every year a big number of diving enthusiasts. The unique and picturesque character of the town does the rest! Dahab scuba diving is synonymous with shore diving. Dive destinations are reached by jeep or by camel. Each site has its own charm and character with loads to discover. Water entry is as simple as crossing over a reef-flat and descending.
From the narrow continuous fringing reef that hugs Dahab's shoreline, the underwater terrain rapidly slants downward to the fathomless depth of the Gulf of Aqaba. Apart from the impressive scenery below water and above - the magnetism of diving in Dahab lies in its uniqueness.

About the destination

Dahab has a number of reliable and well-organized diving centers, offering all sorts of scuba diving services, from entry-level courses to professional courses, introductory dives, and diving packages, with one, two or more dives per day, for those who are certified. Dahab is also home to many centers specialized in technical diving, as some of its dive sites are best suited for it.

What to expect?

For the non-licensed diving enthusiasts, many centres offer free of charge pool intros, where visitors can experience the thrill of scuba diving on a one-to-one basis with a diving instructor in the hotel’s swimming pool. The Dahab diving centres also offer experience programmes, where the visitor can try actual dives in the sea straight away, under the strict supervision of a diving professional.

Black listed diving facilities,
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