Environmental Guidelines

Environmental Guidelines

Beach and dive clean-up guidelines

Clean-ups are a great way to help protect the sea by keeping it litter-free. Learn how to organize your own beach and underwater clean-up events by checking out our guidelines. The CDWS guidelines will provide you all the information needed on how to prepare for, manage and do a clean-up.  

Check out the beach and dive clean-up guidelines in English and Arabic.

Environmental briefing guidelines

Forgot how to give an environmental briefing?  Environmental briefings are supposed to be thoroughly given to guests at the beginning of their boat trip and before entering the water to dive or snorkel. Properly informing the guests will reduce harmful touristic behavior that negatively impacts our reefs and marine environment. 

Check out our briefing which provide you the step by step guidelines on how to perform an environmental boat, dive and snorkel briefing. watch the videos here. 

Single-use plastic guidelines for diving centers

Simple and easy tips on how to remove single-use plastic from your center, the guidelines are available in English and Arabic

Single-use plastic ban guidelines for boats

These guidelines explain which single-use plastic or styrofoam items should be banned from boats & replaced with the suggested alternatives, the guidelines are available in English and Arabic

Marine life photography guidelines

Are you an underwater photographer or videographer? Want to contribute to international research efforts by helping identify Whalesharks, Manta Rays and Turtles? Check out these marine life photography guidelines which show you how to take photos or videos of endangered species to help researchers identify them. The guidelines are available in Arabic and English.

Adopt a reef guidelines

Your guidelines to the adopt a reef program, know more information here