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If you have a medical certificate, yes you can dive.

There is a lot of programs and courses that will make you able to enjoy the magnificent Red Sea.


Our extraordinary Red Sea is suitable for every diver, regardless of your level, you will have a lot of options.

Daily trips option: the diving centers organize the diving program while the divers spend the night in their hotel.

Liveaboards option: the divers spend the whole diving trip on a Safari boat.


There are plenty of destinations suitable for beginners and divers enthusiasts alike, Please have a look at our destinations: 


Sharm ElSheikh

To explore more destinations please check the scuba diving tab - under destinations. 


To get the most from your diving holiday, whether you are an expert diver or just a beginner, you should pick a safe and well-equipped diving center suitable for your needs. Picking a diving center in an unfamiliar destination can be tricky. We advise you to contact the center via fax or e-mail with any or all of the questions provided below.
Check our List Of Diving Centres page and make sure to avoid any centers listed in the blacklist

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