The CDWS is committed to protecting the Red Sea!


The Egyptian Red Sea is one of the remaining ecosystems in the world that are in relatively healthy conditions. Our underwater marine life is a vital and valuable resource to our planet’s wellbeing. The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports is actively committed to reducing the threats of the marine tourism industry on the Red Sea through awareness-raising and policy enforcement. On this page, we encourage you to report any environmental violations observed in the Red Sea that are committed by members of the diving, snorkeling, or water sports sector or tourists. 

Below are some examples of environmental violations that we depend on you to report with photographic evidence: 

  • Damage to coral reefs (breaking, standing on, a boat tying a wire onto the reef ...etc)
  • Illegal fishing in protected areas or destructive fishing in the Red Sea (dynamite fishing or ghost nets) or harpooning
  • Dumping of solid waste or engine oil into the sea
  • Marine animal harassment or injuries (turtles, sharks, dolphins, rays, dugongs, fish, and other)
  • Littering or Using single-use plastics on boats and centers
  • Moorings (broken, maintenance) 
  • Fish feeding

In order to report an environmental violation, photographic evidence is required alongside the location name of the center or boat; instructor or guide, or photographer committing the violation. 

You can share the environmental violation by email to or by simply scanning the QR to direct you to the proper reporting page.