Scuba Diving
In El Qusier

Scuba Diving in El Qusier

Most people who have dived in Quseir would agree that diving here is a relaxing experience with plenty to see. Excellent shore diving is possible north and south of this little town, as it is adorned with a long, almost continuous fringing reef rich of fauna and corals. A diving holiday in Quseir leaves plenty of time for relaxation at the resort or walking through the pretty streets and promenades of the renovated historical town, as all dives here are performed from shore.

You'll enjoy exploring Quseir's coral covered pinnacles on the sandy slopes. Navigate and explore the labyrinth like coral gardens.

Glide through narrow passages and blind alleys into the territory of the crocodile fish, moray eels, sea snakes, lionfish, porcupine fish and blue spotted stingrays. You may even find the elusive white tip or guitar sharks taking cover.

El Quseir is also the main departing point for liveaboards heading towards the fabled Brother Islands, world-famous for its hammerheads and other large marine life.

The Quseir marine area is protected, as many other areas in Egypt, and diving centres here operate under environment-friendly procedures. Starting from year 1995, local authorities, NGO’s and international bodies such as USAID have co-operated in the conservation of the underwater life of the region. Nowadays, regular checks and upgrades ensure the presence of mooring buoys in all dive sites.

About the destination

  • In Quseir, there are several reliable and professional diving centres, with services ranging from scuba diving beginner certification courses to professional courses and technical diving, and providing guided dives to the area's outstanding reefs, introductory dives, and diving packages, with one, two or more dives per day, for those who are certified.
  • Quseir, with its teeming life just off your resort’s beach, is an ideal location of the Red Sea Riviera in Egypt to learn to dive, and most diving centres offer the full range of beginners’ courses. Even kids from 8 years on can enroll in children-dedicated scuba diving activities, where kids learn to be familiar with water and scuba diving and have fun swimming around in a confined water area.

What to expect?

  • For the non-licensed diving enthusiasts, the centres offer free of charge pool intro’s, where visitors can experience the thrill of scuba diving on a one-to-one basis with a diving instructor in the hotel’s swimming pool.
  • The Quseir diving centres also offer experience programs, where the visitor can try actual dives in the sea straight away, under the strict supervision of a diving professional.

Black listed diving facilities,
this is the list of the facilities that
does not compile with the measures of saftey and ...