CDWS Card Request

CDWS Card Request

The CDWS ID card is issued to CDWS members (Diving centers / Safari boats / Water sports centers) in accordance with The CDWS Professional ID card agreement (click here to view the agreement).

Steps to request a CDWS Card:

Login using the technical manager's account. 

Choose the desired Pro and choose the "Request A Card" option. 
Then click on the "Edit Profile" option. 

Complete all the obligatory fields with the sign 

Editing the profile could be done later, through the option of  

Ensure that all the fields are complete and show the   

Then accept the terms and conditions press 

After editing the Pro's data, a page will appear to confirm your request, then your request will be dispatched to the membership to review it. 
In case the request is rejected, you can review and edit the profile using the "Re-submit Profile" option.
The Request must be approved by the membership department. 
Then you can proceed with the required payment, check the steps through the following link. 

The membership department will contact the technical manager or the legal representative of the facility to schedule an appointment to hand out all the cards that belong to the facility 

Note: All the employees and staff members whether pros or others, should address the facility’s legal representative in case of any inquiry or difficulty in the previous steps without approaching the CDWS for any individual services as all administrative services provided by the CDWS to the members -whether to issue a new card, letters or certificates – must be through the facility’s legal representative or the appointed delegates only (as per the attached form). The CDWS shall not provide any of the below services to any staff or employee.