Online Payments

Online Payments

Online Payments

First: Important Instructions
  • Cash transactions, bank transfers, or deposits shall not be accepted, as all kinds of payments could only be done online.
  • In case of using a credit/debit card, ensure that the card is issued from an Egyptian bank as transactions done by any card issued outside of Egypt shall not be processed. 
  • For e-mail services; an e-mail will be sent with the link to pay for the requested service, access the link, and follow the below steps. 
  • For services requested through our online portal (ex: issuing a new CDWS ID, test request, or issuing an equivalent certificate for foreign professionals), the payment options will be indicated on the portal directly after requesting the needed service. 

Second: The steps 

1- When submitting a card or a test request, or using the payment link sent by e-mail you will access the payment page. 

2- If you wish to pay using a credit/debit card, choose the (Pay by card) option, fill the information and complete the transaction (Sample) 

3- If you wish to pay through the Fawry services, choose the (Pay by Fawry) option, then click confirm. (Sample)

4- A reference number for your transaction will appear, ensure to save it as you will use it to process the payment at the Fawry outlet (Sample) 

Third: To view your billing history: 
  • Click on (Payments) on the left side of the page 
  • A history of all the previous transactions will be displayed with the status of each either (Paid) or (Pending) 
  • For pending transactions, you can choose the (Pay) option from the right side of the screen if you wish to complete the transaction (Sample)