Trip Notification Application (Beach - Boat)

Trip Notification Application (Beach - Boat)

Trip Notification Application (Beach - Boat)

Importance and Advantages of the System:

  • Within the frame of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s guidance, in the implementation of the state’s strategy for digital transformation, and in cooperation between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports, we are honored to launch the Trip Notification Application.
  • The application allows the members of the CDWS to electronically fill the Notification forms of Safari and Daily-Boats of diving, snorkeling, submarines, semi-submersibles, glass-sided boats, glass-bottom boats, diving sports, and beach snorkeling with easy and fast steps in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the CDWS, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and the security authorities concerned with issuing permits for carrying out activities.
  • The system enables the members to display a database of their trips, including, for example, the numbers of service recipients, professionals, and the work team consisting of boat crews and facility workers.
  • Various statistics can be displayed through the application, such as the nationalities of the practitioners, their age groups, as well as the classification of activities, and the most visited sites for practicing the activities in the Red Sea.  
  • Other services which might help the facility in carrying out management and marketing business.


  • All facilities shall electronically fill the Notification of Safari and Daily-Boats of diving, snorkeling, submarines, semi-submersibles, glass-sided boats, glass-bottom boats, diving sports, and beach snorkeling upon carrying out activities.
  • All the certified technical managers can use the application directly by entering the username and password registered on their account on the CDWS's website through the application link:
  • The certified technical managers of more than one facility, belonging to the same legal entity, can choose the facility from the main list of the application to form a Notification in its name according to the business need determined by the facility.
  • The technical manager of the facility shall fill in all the fields and ensure the accuracy and correctness of the data, and introduce the data in English characters. 
  • The technical manager can create up to 3 accounts for one or more individuals from the work team to help them fill in the data and form the Notification through the main menu of the application, bearing in mind that ensuring the correctness and accuracy of the data remains the responsibility of the technical manager and or the company admin of the facility.


Marine Unit Data or Shore Activity Site:

  • An alternative shall be chosen if the activity is carried out by a marine unit or a shore site. (As for Safari Boats, they cannot choose to carry out activities via a shore site)
  • In the case of choosing a marine unit, the required custom data shall be filled in.

Non-professionals, crew, and Staff:

  • In case the activity is carried out by a marine unit, the data of the boat crew present during carrying out the activity shall be filled in, provided that at least one of them has a valid first-aid certificate from one of the organizations accredited by the CDWS.
  • In the case of carrying out a shore activity, the data of the non-professional employees of the center present during the activity shall be filled in, provided that at least one of them has a valid first-aid certificate from one of the organizations accredited by the CDWS.
  • Users can now add an optional phone number to contact the boat crew if needed.

Professionals and selection methods:

  • One coach/guide shall be selected as the professional responsible for the trip.
  • Professionals carrying out the activities (if any) shall be selected.
  • Photographers who will be present while carrying out the activities shall be selected in the designated section (if any), and it is not allowed to combine working as a photographer and a professional on the same trip.
  • In case a professional is chosen to be added to the Notification, his account on the CDWS website should be active. If this professional’s account didn’t show, this may be because of several reasons, such as (his card is expired/ he is suspended and not allowed to work until the suspension period is over/ he has been chosen by another facility to take another trip at the same time/.... etc.) so we recommend the necessity of coordinating with professionals before adding them.
  • When the facility chooses to add a professional to the Notification form, an automatic e-mail is sent to the professional stating his addition, and the professional has the right to decline this request by pressing the Decline button, in case there is any reason preventing them from participating in the trip. Hence, a message will be sent to the facility with the professional’s declination, so that any other facility can add them.
  • The facility and the professional shall abide by the profession registered on the profession practice card upon carrying out the activities.
  • All professionals added to a trip will now receive a notification via SMS and email, ensuring seamless communication. 

Practitioners Data (Tourists) and dive site information:

  • All data related to practitioners (tourists) shall be accurately filled in.
  • Notification forms shall be updated on the system as soon as possible according to the actual reality, whether for:

    - Practitioners’ numbers.

    - Practitioners’ data.

    - Activities offered to the practitioners.

    - Other required data.

  • Editable dive site information and guest activity
    The dive site information and guest activity will remain active for editing for 24 hours from the start time of the tip listed in the notification. This allows users to update the trip notification with realistic and accurate data in case of changing the destination or the activities due to weather circumstances or other reasons.
  • Updated dive site list

The list of dive sites in the application has been updated to allow users to choose them from a drop-down menu.

Overnight before departure date option for safari trips:

Safari boats can now select the overnight option if they are staying in the jetty before the trip departure and set the required date for the overnight stay in one trip notification.

Create custom templates:

Users can now create personalized templates with pre-filled boat data, crew details, and onboard professionals. Saving notifications as templates significantly reduces the time and effort required for creating trip notifications in the future as it auto-fills the information which can be edited to match the actual data. 

Trip duplication:

Users can now duplicate the same boat data, crew list, professionals, and guests onboard to create several trip notifications with different departure and return dates, this option auto-fills the information which can be edited to match the actual data. 

Boat Sharing (trip sharing) System:

  • Diving centers can share a boat trip with another diving or water sports center (snorkeling service provider), also, water sports centers (snorkeling service providers) can share a boat trip with another water sports center (snorkeling service providers), in case there is a small number of practitioners on board the boat to carry out the daily trip, the facility can share with other facilities - provided that they are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and members of the CDWS - by adding its professionals and practitioners on the same Notification form to increase the number, allowing more than one facility to carry out activities on the same boat, knowing the importance that each facility is responsible for implementing the established standards and technical requirements.
  • When sharing a trip, the owner of the trip can now limit the number of professionals introduced by the other center sharing the trip to ensure better control and management of guide allocations for shared trips.

Producers to be applied in case the system does not work or there is no Internet connection (Unified form for an offline temporary notification):

  • In this case, the Notification is issued in the name of the main establishment that will obtain permission to carry out the activity from the concerned authorities.
  • Applicable procedures in case the system does not work or there is no internet connection (unified form for temporary offline Notification)
  • The Application permits updating the trip data whether it was online or offline.
  • The Trip Notification application is compatible with mobile phones.
  • The facility, in case there was no internet connection, can use the Notification temporary unified form according to the attached form- it must be written on the computer and not manually - and follow the procedures for obtaining a permit to carry out activities from the concerned authorities, considering to do this through the following link The form can be uploaded as an Excel file or photocopied after printing for uploading.
  • The facility shall fill out the Notification once connected to the internet, according to the temporary offline Notification form previously submitted, bearing in mind that the facility has a grace period of up to 24 hours after getting back online to fill out the aforementioned Notification.
  • The user can have a shortcut for the application on the mobile phone by pressing the download button appearing next to the page link.