Belal Ahmed

Board Member

I’m a graduate of Al Alson faculty, Italian department


I have been working in the field of water sport since 2003, I began as a tour leader and I liked that field so much so I decided to begin my business in water sports. I have developed my work, so now we exist in 5 places in Sharm Elshiekh, and since 2014 I have established a diving center. I hope to see Sharm a better place, so I travel every year to visit the Boot show in Germany as I hope to bring to Sharm all that is new in Acqua sports and diving. I hope that the responsibility of what concerns tourism will be under the control of CDWS and the Ministry of  Tourism and Antiquities only, not in the hands of so many entities, like the city council. This is the first time for me in the CDWS board, I see that they are all truly caring about every issue in aqua sports and diving, they are cooperating with each other, hoping for a better future for diving and water




Date of Birth



Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai



Arabic English