28 December: copy of Decree # 389

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28 December: copy of Decree # 389

28 December: copy of Decree # 389

28 December 2010

CDWS today received Decree # 389 dated 28.12.10 from the office of the Governor of South Sinai.

The decree states the following:

-  all areas along the Sharm el Sheikh coast line are now open to water sports.

-  swimming is permitted in front of hotels on the condition that the hotel provides a ‘secure swimming area’. A ‘secure swimming area’ is defined as no deeper than 2m and clearly marked with buoys and ropes.

-  CDWS confirmed with Gen. Ahmed Saleh that; all regulations relating to snorkelling in previous decrees still apply according to the decree # 358 (i.e. snorkelling in Tiran area only, only by boat and no drift snorkelling)

-  the exception to this rule is that snorkelling activities maybe conducted where a hotel has a fringing reef, on the condition that they are accompanied by a snorkelling guide. The snorkelling guide must be a CDWS card holder and be working for a CDWS member centre.

If anyone has any questions regarding this decree, they should contact Ahmed Saleh, Secretary General of South Sinai Governorate on 010 164 0441.

To read the decree in Arabic, copy and paste the following link: http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102848092418-67/SS+Governor+decree+28+12+10.pdf