Announcement #1 of 2020 – Urgent and important

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Announcement #1 of 2020 – Urgent and important

Announcement #1 of 2020 – Urgent and important

06 January 2020

Dear CDWS members, 

Out of the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiques and the CDWS to upgrade the quality of the tourism entities operating in the diving and water sports sector and to support and promote the Egyptian tourism and improve the Egyptian destination on an international and local levels within the framework of serving the best interest of the CDWS members. 

Recently, several complaints have been reported regarding the widespread of illegal entities.

The CDWS urges all the members against dealing with any of those illegal individuals or entities, which includes: 

Illegal entities, brokers, kiosks, and street shops (sellers).

Egyptians or foreigners’ residence in Egypt (diving and snorkeling instructors) who manage websites and internet platforms to sell and market diving and snorkeling activities of all kinds without a valid license in violation of the laws and the relevant ministerial decisions.

The presence of those illegal entities is considered a damaging problem that affects negatively the prices of the activities, endangers the lives of the tourists and the best interest of the members, as well as wasting the serious efforts done by the MOT and the CDWS to organize the sector and raise the quality of the offered services. 

The CDWS requests from the members to comply with the following: 

The CDWS members cannot apply for a CDWS ID cards for any of the individuals listed in the blacklist, or any individual who carries out any of the violations referred to previously. 

The CDWS members cannot advertise, sell or carry out any activities that are not listed in the MOT license. 

Diving and snorkeling guides and instructors have to carry their original CDWS ID card whistle performing any activities. 

The importance of reporting any illegal entity or illegal website or internet platform by sending an e-mail on or through the CDWS social media channels, to allow the MOT and the CDWS to take the needed action.

Not complying with the above is considered supporting an illegal entity and individuals, which will lead to applying the relevant penalties that could reach to revoking the MOT license. 

Kindly note that the CDWS frequently updates the blacklist database published on the website, the list includes the data of all reported illegal entities so that the tourists and the CDWS members can identify them and denying their services.


The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports