Announcement #42 for 2023

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Announcement #42 for 2023

Announcement #42 for 2023

27 June 2023

Announcement # 42 for year 2023 - The launch of training courses for Safari Boat Crew and Daily Boat Crew

Dear Safari boat’s owners, legal representatives and technical managers and the owners of the diving and Water sports Centers who own daily boats

In order to raise the safety onboard of the safari and daily Boats and to qualify the crew to operate safely onboard, and within the cooperation between the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transportation and the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports (CDWS), the CDWS is announcing a training program to qualify the safari and daily boat crew to operate with safety measures and standards. 

Therefore, the legal representatives and/or the technical managers of the safari boats and the owners of the diving and water sports centers who own daily boats are kindly requested to fill in the attached form 
with the data of the safari boat crew and the post of each worker onboard, and to email this form – by maximum Monday 3 July 2023 – to the following emails:
- For South Sinai:
- For Red Sea:

Please include as well the following information in the above-mentioned email: 
1- The name of the boat. 
2- The CDWS membership no. of the safari boat/ center.
3- The MOTA license no. of the safari boat/ center.
4- The name of the technical manager/ legal representative and his contact number.

Upon receiving the above-mentioned information, we will keep you posted with the details of the training courses details, dates and fees.

Last but not least, please note: 
- Only safari boats/ diving and water sports centers that own daily boats with MOTA license and members in CDWS are allowed to attend and participate in the above-mentioned courses.
- Dealing in anything related to these training courses should be only through the legal representative and/or the Technical Manager of Touristic Safari Boat/ Owners of Diving and Water sports Centers who own Daily Boats and not the safari/ Daily Boat crew themselves. 

The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports