Announcement #6 of 2020

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Announcement #6 of 2020

Announcement #6 of 2020

21 July 2020

Dear CDWS members, 
The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase towards the digital transformation of the Chamber's services, by launching the CDWS new website, which includes many online services, such as: pro profiles registration that will allow them the chance to issue and renew the CDWS cards, book the test electronically without the need to visit the Chamber's headquarters and to facilitate access to the CDWS services from anywhere online.
The website also contains a data bank that clarifies all the CDWS announced procedures and requirements, information about the diving sites, activities, and water sports activities in the Red Sea.

Adding to that the ability to communicate with the CDWS through different platforms to facilitate the communication and the services. We invite you to visit the website to learn more: 
Launching the new website comes within the CDWS’s constant pursuit of development and achieving excellence and leadership in the field of diving and water sports activities.

It is worth mentioning that the second phase of the website is under progress, as it will provide more services such as requesting inspections, equivalence and experience certificates, exception letters, requesting membership letters, online payment for the services and the possibility to send documents and cards through courier services.

To learn more about the first stage’s services and a detailed guideline of the steps you need to follow to obtain the services through the online portal and the e-mail services that can be requested until the launch of the second stage, please refer to the attached guideline

The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports