CDWS update: 9 December diving possible in Sharm el Sheikh

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CDWS update: 9 December diving possible in Sharm el Sheikh

CDWS update: 9 December diving possible in Sharm el Sheikh

08 December 2010

CDWS update: 9 December diving possible in Sharm el Sheikh
8 December 16.30

The majority of areas in Sharm el Sheikh will once again be open to diving activities for CDWS members and their clients tomorrow (9 December), however, please note that the same restrictions will apply on where these can take place and on client experience. All snorkelling activities and other watersports - with the exception of glass bottom boat operations - remain suspended in the whole of the Sharm el Sheikh coastal area.

Qualified diving clients, who must have a minimum of 50 logged dives, are permitted to participate in scuba activities run by boat by CDWS members in the following areas:


- area of Tiran

- all dive sites south of Naama Bay to Ras Mohamed National Park

- the entire area of Ras Mohamed National Park


Diving remains completely banned at this time in the area between Ras Nasrani to the north of Naama Bay. 


No shore diving is permitted anywhere in the Sharm el Sheikh area.


Under NO circumstances are introductory or training dives permitted to take place in the sea anywhere in Sharm el Sheikh until CDWS members are notified otherwise. 

However, training and introductory diving activities are able to take place in other resorts, such as Dahab. 

CDWS has asked divers to remain vigilant and report any shark behaviour they see to the organisation's office in Sharm el Sheikh. This information - where possible - should include location, time and specific type of shark. Please also note down the behaviour, depth, duration at particular depths and how long the sighting lasts for.

This information should be emailed to one of the following people at the CDWS office:


Amr Elbendary: Tel: 012 1115508
Ahmed Mansour: Tel: 018 126 8686
Nabil Fadlallah: Tel: 012 338 7779


Pictures of sharks taken should be sent by email to: For videos, please copy these on to a disc and take this directly to the CDWS office in Hadaba.

It is hoped later today information will be available from the scientific team currently working in Sharm el Sheikh. We will inform members and the press as soon as this has been presented.

CDWS would like to assure all members that the organisation is working continuously with all the relevant authorities and shark experts to try to resolve this situation in the most appropriate and safe way for all concerned. The CDWS also stresses to all members and the public that it does not in any way condone the random killing of sharks.

For further information please contact Laura Coppa by email or Mary Gleeson