General Assembly Meeting Invitation

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General Assembly Meeting Invitation

General Assembly Meeting Invitation

11 February 2016

Dear CDWS General Assembly member,
According to the decision of general assembly meeting held on December 29, 2015 at Sharm Elsheikh to postpone the voting on GA agenda's items till the completion of investigations conducted by Ministry of Tourism and the announcement of its results maximum by 20/2/16.
CDWS has the pleasure to invite you to attend the ordinary CDWS general assembly meeting on Saturday 20 February,2016  at 1:00 PM in Novotel Airport hotel - Cairo. If the number of members attending is below the legal requirement; the meeting will be postponed for one hour and will commence at 2:00 p.m. and will be legitimate with the attending members.
Meeting agenda includes:

1.     Annual CDWS board report,

2.     The approval of the financial report for year 2014/2015

3.     The approval of the CDWS budget for 2015/2016.

4.     The approval of hiring the financial auditor(s) and their fees,

5.     The approval of CDWS financial bylaw amendment.

The member of CDWS general assembly has the right to attend the meeting on 20 February 2016 if they meet the following conditions:
-       Must have a valid license from the Ministry of Tourism.
-     Has paid all membership fees to the chamber up until 30/6/2015; due membership fees may be paid - 24 hours prior to the General Assembly day cash or by a certified cheque.
-   the participants in the general assembly must be the legal representative of the tourism entity - in accordance to article 4 in the ministerial decree 216 year 1990 and its amendment by decree 249 year 2002; this means he/she must be:

1.     the owner of the individually owned business,

2.     the managing partner in the limited liability company,

3.     the chairman, or the vice chairman or the managing executive board member of an investment company,

4.     the responsible manager approved by the Ministry of Tourism,

5.     the beneficial who has his/her name in the MOT license

Please consider the following:
       It is prohibited to have any one else rather than the legal representative of the tourism entity - personally - attending the general assembly; the use of any kind of legal proxies or letters of proxy or any similar legal document is not allowed.
-  The personality of the legal representative of the tourism entity will be checked and must be verified by a valid national ID card or a valid passport to attend the meeting.
-  The legal representative of the tourism entity will be verified from the MOT license, the commercial registry or the company legal documents as per his/her legal status as a legal representative.
-  To acquire your copy of the financial report for year 2014/2015, budget for 2015/2016 and CDWS annual board report, you are kindly requested to send your authorized representative with a letter issued by your operation/entity to the CDWS branch offices in Sharm ElSheikh , Hurghada and starting from Sunday 14 February.
Thank you and best wishes.