Protect the Sea Turtles Initiative

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Protect the Sea Turtles Initiative

Protect the Sea Turtles Initiative

11 April 2016

Dear Colleagues, CDWS members,

In order to protect the sea turtles from the different violations and threats, Red Sea National Parks launched (Protect the Sea Turtles Initiative) from April 2016 till the end of September 2016. The initiative consists of several stages, one of them is to organize cleanups for the beaches of the islands where the sea turtles live and nest. The first cleanup will be on Thursday 14/4/2016 on El Fanous Beach (north-west of the Big Giftun Island).


CDWS and Red Sea National Parks welcome your participation with volunteers, boats or zodiacs to transport the volunteers to the beach.


To participate please contact,






Facebook page: CDWSEgypt

Phone: 06534043387/8

Mob: 01277911288

Fax: 065 340 486


Red Sea Marine Park:



Facebook page:red sea protected areas

Phone: 065 344 7724 /5 /6

Fax: 065 344 7723


Kind regards,

Chamber of Diving and Water Sports - CDWS