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Wrecks of the Red Sea

The Red Sea has been an important international waterway since time immemorial. The first record of a trading expedition in the Red Sea dates back to year 1493 BC, when Queen Hatchepsut of Egypt sent a fleet of five vessels from El Quseir, on the Red Sea mainland coast, to the Land of Punt, near present-day Somalia.

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Tien Hsing

  • The Tien Hsing, better known as “the tugboat of Abu Galawa”, is known to almost all divers in the Red Sea. Even so, we know relatively little about this ship. Although its identity now seems to have been determined, some shipwreck researchers have their doubts. We would, therefore, like to point out that the following information is in accordance with the latest research and is most likely correct, though it cannot be entirely confirmed.
  • The Tien Hsing was built in 1935 by the shipyard Ta Chung Hua in Shanghai. The steamship was designed as a harbor tug, and it is till now still unknown what led the ship all the way up to the Red Sea. Although unconfirmed, research suggests that her voyage must have taken place during the Second World War. It has been confirmed, however, that the Tien Hsing was seized by the British armed forces in 1941.

  • Read more information here https://www.redsea-diving.com/the-tien-hsing/ 


Abu Galawa Kebira


18 M




26 October 1943