Rules &

Required rules and regulations to get CDWS services

Diving Center Equipment Inventory

27 January 2019

This excel sheet includes the following: 

  • Equipment Inventory for compressors 
  • Equipment Inventory for tanks
  • Equipment Inventory for O2 tanks
  • Equipment Inventory (maintenance) for Regulators 
  • Equipment Inventory (maintenance) for BCD
  • Others: (Suits, Diving Masks & Snorkels, Diving Fins, Led Weights, Weight Belts, Life Jackets, and extra equipment inventory) 

Conditions of Adding "Kite surfing" to Safari Boat

24 January 2019

Conditions of adding Kite surfing as an activity to CDWS members' safari boat.

Technical diving hosted by recreational diving operation

23 January 2019

The rules and regulations in case of occasional technical diving activities done by clients, tec clubs or schools and hosted by a recreational diving operation (safari boat/dive center)

Recreational technical diving requirements for diving centers and safari boats

22 January 2019

This certification scheme specifies minimum requirements to certify the conformity of the services of technical diving service providers. Technical diving centres are legitimate MOT licensed diving centres that provide the following in addition to the regular recreational scuba services and has successfully obtained a Recreational Technical Diving Service Provider Certification (RTDSPC) from CDWS: 1. Teach technical diving courses. 2. Organize guided technical dives. 3. Blend and/or sell diving gas mixes such as: Nitrox, Trimix, Heliox and O2 for diving. Recreational Technical diving service providers must apply for a (RTDSPC) from CDWS and should comply with the technical training agency standards and the following requirements. FOR FULL INFORMATION DOWNLOAD THE PDF

Tanks hydrostatic and visual testing centers requirements

20 January 2019

Updated: 19 August 2010 To meet internationally recognised standards, the cylinder testing requirements for centres set out by the CDWS committee are detailed in this PDF document. FOR FULL INFORMATION DOWNLOAD THE PDF

The CDWS depth limitations

19 January 2019

For full information on maximum depths for recreational activities and for different activities please download the PDF.....

The CDWS Ratio for Diving and Snorkeling Activites

18 January 2019

For the diving activities: the CDWS is implementing the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) standards for recreational diving. For more information please download the PDF.

The CDWS rules on gloves and knives

17 January 2019

The CDWS' official statement in regards to wearing gloves and carrying dive knives can be downloaded here

The CDWS statement on the Use of Muck Stick

16 January 2019

The CDWS strongly forbids scuba divers and photographers to use these sticks in an attempt to promote an eco-friendly marine environment in the Red Sea. The penalty list for environmental violations will apply. FOR FULL INFORMATION DOWNLOAD THE PDF

The CDWS Policy for Solo Diving

15 January 2019

To be allowed to dive solo; a diver has to successfully pass a solo diving training course and earn such a certification from a recognized training agency. FOR FULL INFORMATION DOWNLOAD THE PDF

Foreign Dive Professionals in Egypt

14 January 2019

CDWS welcomes legitimate foreign dive professional in Egypt. There are two ways for you to conduct diving activities legitimately in Egypt:

Example of a Medical and Responsibility Declaration Snorkel

04 January 2019

Example of a Medical and Responsibility Declaration Snorkel

Example of an Information Sheet for Snorkel Medical Screening

03 January 2019

Example of an Information Sheet for Snorkel Medical Screening