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Required rules and regulations to get CDWS services

Curriculum Introduction

10 November 2020
The reasons and the structure of the training program, 

Shark Monitoring Program

13 January 2019
Trying to reach an optimal coverage, this project is calling upon divers and dive guides to help monitoring the shark populations in the Egyptian Red Sea. Your experience and ongoing daily activities in the water make you perfect volunteers, who can provide a wealth of information. All it will take for the guides is to be willing to spend a few minutes of your time to fill out the electronic log sheets after your day's diving and for all divers (guides and guests alike) to share their underwater images.

Diving with Oceanic Whitetips - For Guests

13 January 2019
Pre-Dive Information for Guests

Diving with Oceanic Whitetips - For Dive Guides

13 January 2019
Safe Diving Practices & Guidelines