Rules &

Required rules and regulations to get CDWS services

Equipment Inventory

14 August 2023
Equipment Inventory for TM Snorkeling course

ِEmergency Plan

14 August 2023
Emergency Plan for TM snorkeling 

Medical and responsibility declaration

14 August 2023
Medical and responsibility declaration for TM snorkeling 

Technical Requirements for Water Sports Center

14 August 2023
Technical Requirements for a Water Sports Center for TM snorkling

Penalties list

14 August 2023
Penalties list attachments for TM Snorkeling 

Gloves and Knives policy

14 August 2023
Gloves and Knives policy for TM course snorkeling service providers 

First Aid for daily boats

14 August 2023
First Aid for daily boats, TM snorkeling

Snorkeling Technical Manager Registration Form

12 April 2023
Snorkeling technical manager registration form, requirements, and declaration