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Required rules and regulations to get CDWS services

The CDWS statement on The Use of Muck Stick

05 December 2010

The CDWS strongly forbids scuba divers and photographers to use these sticks in an attempt to promote an eco-friendly marine environment in the Red Sea. The penalty list for environmental violations will apply. FOR FULL INFORMATION DOWNLOAD THE PDF

The CDWS insurance policy for dive accidents statement

24 October 2010

The CDWS strongly recommends that certified or student divers carry an insurance policy against dive injuries and related costs. Certified and/or student divers have to be aware that some standard health policies or travel insurance policies contain exclusions for diving related accidents, including chamber treatment and medical evacuation. Diving without valid insurance is at the client’s own risk. To download this statement and to read it in Arabic, please click on the download button.

Foreign Dive Professionals in Egypt

12 February 2010

CDWS welcomes legitimate foreign dive professional in Egypt. There are two ways for you to conduct diving activities legitimately in Egypt:

The CDWS Rules on Gloves and Knives

12 May 2009

The CDWS' official statement in regards to wearing gloves and carrying dive knives can be downloaded here